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  • Neurofeedback in a Special Needs School

    This is a wonderful video showing the use of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback in a special needs school. Elinor Bazar of Rising Sun Counseling in Victoria, BC, Canada, has interviewed teachers and parents – and you will listen to a child talking about how it helps her, in her own words, which are delightful.

    You’ll also see an actual session and listen to an explanation of how NeurOptimal® works.

    I wish all schools had a NeurOptimal® program, special needs and non-special needs schools. The American Pediatric Association has approved neurofeedback as a front line treatment for ADHD. It’s so helpful that we have an option to medication to offer parents.

    “NeurOptimal helped me to not think about it [problems] so I think about other thNeurofeedback in Schoolsings, like school and homework!” That’s one of the comments of this little girl. Please give yourself the gift of watching her face while she talks about it.

    Parents’ and teachers’ comments are also inspiring, summed up with “There isn’t one case where they haven’t benefited from the program.”

    Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
    New York Neurofeedback