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  • Neurofeedback – What Kind of Changes Can Happen?

    bigstock-brain--blue-bokeh-abstract-li-16391504Below is a sampling of neurofeedback-based changes my clients have reported

    • Sleeping through the night instead of waking up two or three times
    • Having more fun being with their children. “They don’t get to me as much.”
    • Worrying less
    • Phobic responses disappearing
    • Going for a walk and noticing more details and color
    • Remembering dreams
    • Having an anxiety dream change into a not-anxious dream
    • A fight with a spouse starting and being able to say helpful things instead of ramping it up
    • Mood lightening and being able to reduce anti-depressant use
    • More focus at work, at home and in sports
    • Bouncing back more quickly when difficult things happen

    It’s very nice doing this for a living and getting to hear about these kinds of changes!

    To find more examples visit the Client Comments page of my website. Read my own story there if you like. It’s a good example of how anxiety dreams (and nightmares) can morph into ordinary dreams and disappear.

    Curious about what kind of changes can happen for you? Please post questions here on the blog, or you are welcome to email me confidentially.

    Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
    New York Neurofeedback