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What is Neurofeedback?

Your brain being trained to operate more effectively — with more resilience and flexibility — can change how you feel, how you act, how you interact with others. Read more...

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What to Expect

When you come for your first neurofeedback session, the first thing I’ll do is ask you what you’d like to have happen. We'll also address any questions you have. More...

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About Us

Of course, nothing is as good as getting to know someone in person, but ideally I’d like you to feel comfortable even before you get here. Click on the link above to read more.

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Become a Trainer

Being a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer is a wonderful, rewarding way to make a living. NeurOptimal® is also a very easy to learn, beautifully designed system. Click above to learn more.

From the Blog...

  • Neurofeedback and PTSD

    The following is excerpted from an article I wrote titled NeurOptimal® and Anxiety. You can download the full article here: NeurOptimal® and Anxiety
    NeuroOptimal® Neurofeedback and PTSD […]

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  • Will I Need Neurofeedback Tuneups?

    With NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training, once completed, most people don’t need tuneups.
    You’re most likely to come in with a list of changes you’d like to see happen – […]

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  • Microsoft Features NeurOptimal

    On April 17, Microsoft featured on their website NeurOptimal®’s use of their Surface technology. The article points out the synchronous use of cutting edge NeurOptimal® neurofeedback technology with […]

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I start to get angry, but I can stop and think about what’s going on and what I need and how to ask for it without hurting anybody. - Neurofeedback client