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At Home or on the Road

At Home

Training at home may appeal to you for any number of reasons:

  • It’s too far to reasonably go to a trainer.
  • Multiple family members could benefit.
  • It makes more sense than paying for individual sessions.
  • Multiple family members could benefit.
  • You’d like to train indefinitely.
  • Travel, even for short distances, is difficult.

On the Road

You may travel a lot for your work or for pleasure. You might be an athlete who wants to be at the top of your game. You may live in more than one location. Or have a high stress job and want to train at a moment’s notice.

The NeurOptimal® Bundle is very easy to use. You can be running a session an hour after you open the box. There are a few purchase choices to beNeurOptimal Bundle made. I can help you with those.

Unlike other true neurofeedback systems, there is no learning curve or requirement for supervision by a trainer. Your brain is making all the decisions. You can be running your first session an hour after you open the box.

I say “true” neurofeedback because there are systems that market themselves as neurofeedback but don’t provide an actual feedback loop. Instead they use light or sound intended to evoke a desired state, but there is no reading or responding to the person’s actual brain activity. Some like how they feel while using these non-neurofeedback systems, but comments from clients who have used both are that they didn’t feel their brain learned from these systems. They had to keep using the system to keep experiencing the benefits. With NeurOptimal®, they felt their brains learned and the learning integrated – and became their new way of being. And they kept learning. As far as I can tell, there’s not a lot of ceiling on benefits.

Other true neurofeedback systems are diagnosis and protocol-based and have a long learning curve for professional trainers. Purchasing the few home systems available is typically done through a trainer who determines which protocols are recommended and when they need to be changed. This often requires in person sessions to learn to use the system, to determine the initial protocols, and follow up sessions to adjust the protocols.

None of that is needed with NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® because the systems are fully automated. The software and your brain do it all. This is the state of the art in neurofeedback.

How does it work?

Neurofeedback for AnxietyYour system comes with a state of the art Microsoft® Surface tablet, encoder, and everything you need to start training. There’s an excellent manual, how to videos, and lots of online support available. You’ll have support from me as well.

To get your questions answered and to discuss pricing and financing options, please email me or call 212-877-6923, and we’ll talk about whether NeurOptimal® is the right choice for you.