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Client Comments

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback for PTSD Before I share clients’ comments with you, first let me tell you a personal story.

One of the most common stress-filled dreams people have has to do with school. If you ask a roomful of people, “Who here has had a dream where you’re back in school and you’re not prepared? You forgot there was a test. Or you left your computer home. Or you can’t find the classroom.” Most people will raise their hands.

I had those anxious dreams, too, once or twice a year for decades. After having done several NeurOptimal® sessions on my own brain, one night I had this dream:

I was at home getting ready for school when I remembered that there was a major test that day, and I’d forgotten to prepare for it. I started to get stressed but then in the dream I said to myself, “Don’t worry. You know the material. You’ll ace it.” End of dream. That was in 2003, and it was the last time I had that dream.

Now, here’s a sampling of things our clients have reported. You’ll see how unique to each person the results are. If you don’t see comments that relate to your interests, call 212-877-6923 or email me with questions about what you’d like to see change.

I feel like who I was meant to be.

I’m getting to my To Do List faster.

Client points to her forehead: It’s more sturdy in there.

I organized my office yesterday. I didn’t know what the word “organized” meant before.

I’ve stopped the incessant voice in my head.

My moods are not as up and down.

I’m getting on with my life.

I went to a party and had fun! I didn’t just hide in a corner.

I was feeling down but after about an hour I got bored with it and stopped.

I can visit my family now and not get drawn into the stuff that goes on.

I actually like speaking in front of groups. Who knew?

I can tell that I don’t really want that second glass of wine.

My brain has used NeurOptimal® to make a huge difference in the quality of my life.

My boss said, “What have you been doing — you’re not afraid of me anymore!”

My intuition is getting stronger. I just know stuff and I trust it.

My husband and I started the same old familiar fight but it was over in five minutes instead of an hour.NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback for OCD

I can sit still now and actually like it. I’m meditating every day.

I don’t tiptoe around people anymore.

I’m much better at going to bed on time.

I’m a better golfer now [at age 67] than I was 30 years ago.

This is like rebooting a computer to factory settings.

My kids don’t get to me as much.

I know when I’m full.

I don’t get thrown off by the things that used to get to me.

I haven’t slept so well in years.

The stage fright I used to get is gone. No more performance anxiety at auditions.

I’m waking up looking forward to the day.

My brain is like a dry sponge and this is pouring water on it.

I start to get angry, but I can stop and think about what’s going on and what I need and how to ask for it without hurting anybody.

Client with hearing loss: I’m not hiding out at home anymore. I’m living my life again.

I’m enjoying the things I used to enjoy.

For the first time, I know what the word “happy” means.

I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to test NeurOptimal® by deliberately worrying. My brain rejected the worrying.

Here’s a video that beautifully tells — in two minutes — one man’s experience of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback transforming his life. (I know Aaron, but I’m not his trainer. He lives in Ireland.)