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Become a Neurofeedback Trainer

If you are considering becoming a neurofeedback trainer…

Being a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer is a wonderful, rewarding way to make a living. If you are wondering why, read what trainees have said on the Client Comments page.

Please contact me and we’ll talk about it. I’m going to tell you up front, though, that I have a definite bias towards NeurOptimal® — because of its effectiveness and virtually complete lack of side effects.

NeurOptimal RepresentativeIt’s also a very easy to learn, beautifully designed system. The learning curve is short, especially when compared to other neurofeedback systems which typically require weeks of training online or on site. NeurOptimal® offers great educational courses but you don’t need them to get started. You can run your first session an hour after you unpack the box.

Considering a NeurOptimal Business

This ebook, Considering a NeurOptimal Business? will answer many of your questions.

We can talk about what comes with the system (everything you need), office furnishings (you may already have what you need), and whatever questions you have, including what it takes to build your business. If you’re local or going to be visiting New York, we can find a time for you to come in and see the system, including having an experience of what it’s like to be a trainee.

If you have a psychotherapy, psychiatric, chiropractic, acupuncture, or peak performance practice, or other type of work supporting change in people’s lives, NeurOptimal® is very complementary to what you’re already doing.
Become a neurofeedback trainer
Because it’s so easy to learn, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who is “technophobic.” (I also have advice on how to easily become comfortable with technology.)

Starting a new business can be a financial strain. If needed, there are payment plans available to make gearing up as a neurofeedback trainer easier for you.

Long before I became a NeurOptimal® Representative, I was sharing freely about NeurOptimal®. Why? Because I love the work. I want to share it and contribute to the expansion of our collaborative, supportive international community. And it’s very rewarding watching new colleagues’ businesses grow.

NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle

NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle

The professional system is available in both a Tablet Bundle and a Surface Book 2 Bundle. There is also a Business Start-up Bundle with everything you need to launch your business. Trainers also purchase Personal Bundles to create a rental business – a nice passive income stream.

Interested in financing? Please contact me.


I’ve asked some of my colleagues to put into words what their experience has been with being a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer. As you can see, it is very much an international community.

Neurofeedback trainer

I remember well my first NeurOptimal® training back in 2004: a feeling of coming home. “This instrument will help me and my family — oh, and in the near future also clients — to overcome our post traumatic stress and guide us into a new path,” is what I thought. And so it did. I could not have imagined then that it would bring me where I am today, in my private as well as in my professional life.

I consider it a privilege to accompany clients on their journey for a while, enjoying with them the numerous, sometimes miraculous, changes in their lives. All because of this safe, simple but yet ingenious technology.

I still train myself weekly; and in my daily life I’ve found a blissful peace, feeling very connected to myself, my environment and to life.

Christina Rompa, Psychologist
NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer, Representative and Instructor
Dongen, the Netherlands

David-for-WEBI had been searching for a scientific and objective technology which could help my clients achieve a higher level of flow and function in their life, without always having to go back into the breech of past, unresolved memories/traumas. My work has always attracted all types of people who wanted to begin the process of healing the trauma of the past, that which inhibits our ability to live a fuller and happier existence.

Twenty-two years of working in private clinical practice in New York City had led me to seek an approach that encourages healing, or the Relaxation Response, in the human nervous system, one that is both scientific and artistic, simultaneously. I was told by two friends, who are also colleagues, about Val and Sue Brown’s advancement on neurofeedback brain training; these two friends did not know one another. But when I heard that Catherine Boyer had integrated NeurOptimal® into her clinical work, I was sold. Having worked personally and professionally with Catherine in the 1990s in New York City, I know how sharp Catherine is; and it confirmed that my instincts had found the technology which would allow me to speak the brain’s language, directly improving its health and resiliency, encouraging “it” to do what is most natural for “it,” which is to become more and more efficient and resilient at solving life’s challenges with improved ease and grace.

It has proven to be more that I expected. I see it help my clients resolve overload which prevents them from functioning well, and improves daily life in many ways from school to work to social interaction. Non-aggressive, not protocol driven, an approach in line with current physics, interacting with the brain moment to moment, providing information about its behavior, or electrical usage, all made absolute sense. I simply was not attracted to the other neurofeedback approaches out there when I was doing my extensive research of the field’s history. NeurOptimal® is well worth the investment in yourself!

David Delaney, MA CAR, LPC
NeurOptimal® Trainer and Representative
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Boulder Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback for sleepNeurOptimal® neurofeedback, developed by Zengar Institute, is a remarkable tool for the management of insomnia, as well as other sleep disorders. I’ve been using this technology for the past eight years and have found it to be an indispensable aid in the sleep center. First, it helps insomnia patients to reduce physiological arousal, a hallmark of this population. Second, as arousal levels decrease, patients become more able to participate in other aspects of their insomnia management program. Finally, as the brain renormalizes many clients are able to reduce or even discontinue the sleep medications that they have been taking, sometimes for years.

Recently we have pioneered this technology in the management of sleep apnea patients. During sleep these patients stop breathing multiple times, mainly because their throat closes when they fall asleep. Unfortunately, the cure is sometimes worse than the disorder — they have great difficulty tolerating the gold standard of treatment, CPAP. The device delivers air to the upper airway during sleep keeping the throat open. However, the face mask, feel of air pressure and the noise of the apparatus can make even the soundest sleeper remain anxiously awake. So in the office we set up the patient with the CPAP apparatus and then run a NeurOptimal® session, helping them to reduce this arousal to the CPAP and tolerate it enough to then use at home.

Edward O’Malley, PhD
NeurOptimal® Trainer and Instructor
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Your Optimal Nature

Having worked in the community sector in a large Australian NGO as a strength-based practitioner, counselor and in leadership, I was always on the look out for what makes a difference to vulnerable and traumatized clients. This led me to research the latest and most effective therapies and technologies for personal transformation, and I could not look past NeurOptimal®, it just made sense – especially coming from the perspective of supporting the brain to self-organize and regulate, rather than an expert or protocol determining what a person needs. Receiving our first system in 2010, I could not believe how easy it was to use, and the changes we experienced were telling. We have since introduced this technology into the community sector, run a private practice, provide rentals across Australia, and support sales and business development. It is a privilege to be part of people’s transformation and the NeurOptimal® family.

Steve Phillis

NeurOptimal® Trainer and Representative
Bendigo, Australia
Neurofeedback Australia

Questions about becoming a neurofeedback trainer?

If you have any questions about the process of becoming a neurofeedback trainer please contact me.