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What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal® is very different from other forms of neurofeedback. Training with Dynamical Neurofeedack® is training that is a true paradigm shift forward.

NeurOptimal® uses unique filtering and ongoing targeting of a broad range of frequencies, rather than focusing onNeurOptimal® Neurofeedback for Anxiety narrow ranges chosen by the trainer. This is technology that is only available with NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®.

That means we are going a big step beyond neurofeedback as it is done by linear neurofeedback systems. (That’s all other systems.) We won’t be making an educated guess about what your brain needs. Instead, the system will give feedback to your brain in real time, moment by moment, alerting it to come back to the present precisely when it has made a shift. The brain has the opportunity to look at whether that shift is a useful, desirable one — or not.

It learns from those opportunities and uses what it learns to optimize itself to your potential.

For more about what makes NeurOptimal® different from other neurofeedback systems, see this table.

NeurOptimal® has been designated a General Wellness Product by the FDA.

This feedback is information that your brain doesn’t get anywhere else in life. The brain uses what it learns to optimize itself. Less than desirable patterns can just… drop away.

Do the changes last? Typically, yes, because the brain seems to like running more efficiently and more comfortably. That becomes the new default. We become more able to respond to life well. It’s common to see changes such as improved mental acuity, more emotional fitness, better sleep, more contentment, improved self-esteem, and better stress management.

Is it safe? Yes, because there are no protocols pushing your brain in predetermined directions. Your brain is the expert on what is right for you, not the trainer.

NeurOptimal® provides information; your brain decides.

For more about the ways your brain may optimize itself, visit our Benefits and Client Comments pages. You’re welcome to email or call 212-877-6923 to ask about the particular things you’d like to see happen.

Your brain is the most complex system on Earth, and it is very skilled at organizing itself on your behalf. Would you like to find out what that looks like for you?