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NeurOptimal neurofeedback

For more information about Zengar Institute NeurOptimal®, the state of the art brain training system we will use, visit the Zengar web site.

NeurOptimal® research  — results are very positive. More is in the pipeline. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

New York NeurofeedbackHere are links to lists of international providers of NeurOptimal® and neurofeedback:
Zengar NeurOptimal® Providers — Zengar is the manufacturer of NeurOptimal®.
The Migraine Revolution’s international directory of neurotherapists.
ADNF Directory — ADNF is based in France but the directory is worldwide.
Neurofeedback-France also has a directory of French providers.
Neuro-feedback Europe has information and providers in Europe.
All of these websites also have a wealth of information about neurofeedback.

An interesting and very readable book about the history of neurofeedback (but which stops short of the development of NeurOptimal®) is A Symphony in the Brain.

Sharon Begley is a science writer who has written in Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain about neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself, in a way that is accessible and interesting to non-scientists.

Interested in learning more about the brain’s ability to change? Read Norman Doidge’s The Brain That Changes Itself. This book is full of stories about research and real people.

Neurofeedback Upper West SideThe Master and his Emissary, by Iain McGilchrist, is a fascinating look at the left and right hemisphere worlds.

A bibliography of neurofeedback articles and research is located at ISNR Archive.

Dr. Valdeane Brown, Co-Founder of NeurOptimal®, interviewed by, which describes NeurOptimal® as the “best biohack yet.”