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  • Neurofeedback – How Can You Know It Will Help You?

    NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback for sleepSince NeurOptimal® neurofeedback works with the brain so that it functions at its best potential, it’s likely most everyone will benefit. I’ve been a neurofeedback provider for several years now, and I’ve only had one or two people not have positive changes (and I think they just didn’t stay long enough). Neurofeedback changed my life for the better, and that’s what I see happening with my clients.

    But, of course, you want to know if neurofeedback can help with your particular issue. I have seen my clients have improvements – sometimes stunningly large – feeling happier more often, improved stress management, better sleep management, much more. People do neurofeedback for personal growth and peak performance.

    For comments clients have made about the changes they experienced, click here.

    In my next post, I’ll address the question of why neurofeedback helps with so many different things.  Meanwhile, please comment here or email me with your specific problem. I’ll answer you honestly, and I’ll answer even if you are nowhere near my office in New York City. By the way, no one gets my email or voicemail but me. Posts here are public but there will be an option to choose to post anonymously. You can ask and be comfortable about confidentiality.

    Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW-R
    New York Neurofeedback