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  • Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

    A common use of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® is for peak performance, in sports or on the job. I have a past client who had seen his success in playing pool increase from his NeurOptimal® sessions. I asked him whether he would be willing to write about that. He was, and here is what he wrote:

    I was initially attracted to NeurOptimal® through a person I met at an Open Focus session in Princeton NJ approximately 10 years ago. I then searched for a practitioner, found Catherine Boyer LCSW-R, and ultimately bought a Personal NeurOptimal® system Neurofeedback for Peak Performancefor me and my family.

    That’s not an uncommon scenario, purchasing a Personal System, especially if more than one family member wants to train.

    Much of my motivation was driven by a pursuit of excellence in pool, as well as in my trading practice. The technique has helped me to peel back the distractions that had weighed on my mind and caused me to feel overwhelmed at times. Not overwhelmed from a skills perspective but from a mental agility perspective. It is hard to pay attention when fifteen things are getting equal attention in your brain. Ultimately, this approach simply renders the item which screams the loudest to be the one which gets acted upon.

    This was unsatisfactory to me and I believe affecting my ability to progress in my favorite sport, pool and billiards. Since actively utilizing NeurOptimal® my pool game has taken quantum leaps. It began with an appreciation for the finer touches of the game and for a sustained practice with specific goals related to the skills I needed to advance my ability. I ended up taking several DVD courses, watched numerous videos, and consistently attempted to integrate what I was learning into my game. I was finding it fun to analyze why I was having trouble with one or another skill and practiced drills to remedy the deficit. Before taking NeurOptimal® I simply became frustrated and remained that way not appreciating nor having the paNeurofeedback for Peak Performancetience to correct the problem.

    Neurofeedback for peak performance

    Not only did this client’s ability to stay in the moment improve, but he also organized his own training and implemented it to great result. And he had fun problem solving.

    This is the kind of story I hear regularly. I especially like those words, “quantum leaps.” He goes on to say:

    In a manner of several years I became the best player at my club winning most of the tournaments scheduled throughout the playing year. More important to me was the joy I was having with the inner game of pool and the feel of control for each aspect of skill; where I was contacting the cue ball, with how much force, what positional results I would get from each situation, and finally the confidence to execute creative shots under pressure to continue my turn at the table. I’m seventy years of age and cannot imagine having the mental agility I do without the use of NeurOptimal.

    Reading that makes my day. Being a NeurOptimal® trainer makes my day all the time.

    If you have questions about neurofeedback for peak performance, sports anxiety or performance anxiety, or for other changes you would like to see, please contact me. Or post your questions and comments here on the blog.

    Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW-R
    New York Neurofeedback

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