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  • NeurOptimal® Brain Training for Seniors

    Being a senior myself, I was excited to see this short video from NeurOptimal®.

    Brain Training for Seniors

    NeurOptimal Brain Training for SeniorsIn the video, a trainer is interviewing his mother about her experience with NeurOptimal® brain training. She clearly loves it. The trainer is a colleague and friend, and I remember when he first started training his mother, the changes he saw in her warmed my heart.

    Personally, I plan to keep training my brain as long as I can get my sensors up there. I strongly believe it keeps me at my best.

    My senior clients typically say things like these:

    • I feel sharper, more like my old self.
    • Tasks are easier for me now.
    • I’m waking up happier.
    • I’m being my social self again.

    Of course, you don’t have to be 65 or older to benefit. It’s brain training for seniors – and for any age.

    If you have questions, you can ask them here on the blog, email or call 212-877-6923.NeurOptimal Brain Training for Seniors

    Catherine A. Boyer, MA, LCSW-R
    New York Neurofeedback

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  1. Emily Rosen says:

    This has been my experience as well. There is a study on patients with dementia in France that shows how well NeurOptimal helps with cognitive functioning. Thanks for the reminder!