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  • NeurOptimal® Miracles Every Day

    Here is a lovely short video in which NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® trainers talk about their experiences doing this work.

    This was filmed at our Focus on Research conference in 2014. Trainers came to it from all around the world. The research presentations were rich, and the company was splendid. We all share a passion for this work. It’s hard not to when, as the video says, NeurOptimal® Miracles Every Day are what we get to be witness to.

    Some recent examples from clients:

    • I’m waking up looking forward to the day!
    • My job is fun again.
    • Life just feels easier.
    • I’m not getting myself in trouble with my temper.
      NeurOptimal® Pro Tablet Bundle

      NeurOptimal® Pro Tablet Bundle

    For more, visit the Client Comments page of New York Neurofeedback’s website. There is also a beautifully designed, easy to use Personal Trainer for use at home.

    If you are interested in neurofeedback as a profession, visit the Become a Trainer page. And please contact me with any questions you have about any of the ways NeurOptimal® may be useful in your life.

    Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW-R
    New York Neurofeedback